Three Quick Easy Healthy Meals for Breakfast in 12 Minutes Only

Quick easy healthy mealsare the kind of food which has been searched by many people in the world. This kind of food is looked for thoroughly, as people want to reduce the hungriness that they feel in fast. When people start to discover that they can get it with abundant nutrients contents, this kind of meals are searched more. Hey, who would bother to spend many hours in making and cooking a feast when they can cook and eat a nutritious yet still delicious meal in a few minutes? No one.

Three Quick Easy Healthy Meals for Breakfast in 12 Minutes Only

Three Quick Easy Healthy Meals for Breakfast in 12 Minutes Only

You would want it, too, right? Just think about it, when you have to eat breakfast yet you have to go to school fast, then you would never have many times to get your breakfast ready. You will just eat toast with your favorite jam and sunny eggs on the side. It is good, but for a long time, it will never give you the nutrients that your body’s need. So, this is a good solution for you!

Following that, here are some kind of meals that you can make only in 12 minutes. It will be a satisfying meal as it’s not only quick but also easy and healthy for your body. Let’s check them out, below!

Quick Easy Healthy Meals: Avocado Breakfast Salad and Poached Egg

If you want to go for a healthy food, salad may be the best choice. Hey, even though it is for breakfast, truly you can eat salad, too. To make it different from the plain salad, you can just add a poached egg on its side. Other style of eggs that you like will be good, too. Usually, the egg is used to be mixed with some tomatoes, cooked quinoa, lettuce and avocado in a bowl. Adding pistachios are also recommended as it will add crunchiness of your salad.

Quick Easy Healthy Meals:Honey Lemon Ricotta Breakfast Toast

If you are getting bored with your boring toast, then it’s time to say good bye with it. Let’s change it with a healthier toast. You will still need to prepare a piece of bread. But, you also have to prepare other healthy ingredients such as lemon, ricotta, figs, pistachios and honey. Even though you still need to prepare other ingredients, you can still make it a super fast breakfast treat for you. Hey, with the right touch, your simple and fast breakfast may look fancy, too.

Quick Easy Healthy Meals:Banana Berry Smoothies

You don’t have to always eat for your breakfast. With the appearance of tasty juices and delicious smoothies these days, you can have them as your breakfast. Not only that it is really simple and fast, but also it has many nutrients that is needed for you body. One of the most popular smoothies that you can make in your own homes is banana berry smoothies. This version of smoothies can be made with the combination of frozen yogurt, bananas, raspberry sherbet, blueberries, and juice. It will be a good choice for a treat before you work out or just as a flavorful breakfast. Happy making thisquick easy healthy meals!