Benefits of Sweet Potato and Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes

Do you like potato? You can find find so many foods that are made from potato, such as potato chips. However, some people are afraid to eat potato in the large amount because they think potato can make them fat. You do not need to be worry. If you really like to eat potato, now you can try to eat healthy sweet potato. Nowadays, potato is well known for the diet purpose. People tend to choose to eat potato rather than rice. Potato contains so many nutritions which are very useful for our body. It is better for you to know about the benefits of sweet potato andhealthy sweet potato recipe, so that you can try to make it by yourself.

Healthy Sweet Potato RecipeBenefits of Sweet Potato and Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes

Benefits of Sweet Potato

  1. Sweet potato contains good carbohydrates

When you really want to eat something, but you remember that now you are trying to diet, what will you do? You can try to eat sweet potato. According to the research, potato contains good carbohydrates that will be good for your health. The carbohydrate in the potato is better than rice because it does not contain sugar. So, if you want to eat when you are diet, just eat sweet potato.

  1. Sweet potato is good for your digestive system

Why sweet potato is good for your digestive system? Sweet potato contains fiber, which is very good for human’s digestive system. If you eat sweet potato regularly, your body will be easier to process the food that enters your body. Also, it can reduce the digestive system problem, such as constipation.

  1. Sweet potatoes can prevent cancer

Sweet potato contains beta carotene, which can prevent the prostate cancer. The amount of beta carotene in the sweet potato is larger than the fruits and vegetables.

  1. Sweet potato is good for your eyes

Sweet potato contains so many vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. We all know that vitamin A is good for eyes. Vitamin C and vitamin E are also good for eyes.

Healthy Sweet Potato Recipe: Roasted Sweet Potato with Salad

Do you want to cook something healthy? You can try to make roasted sweet potato with salad. This food is very healthy because it uses sweet potato and vegetables. Here is the recipe:


  • Sweet potato

  • Honey

  • Almonds

  • Olive Oil

  • Spinach Leaves

  • How to make:

  • First, you need to prepare all of the ingredients and the kitchen tools.

  • Second, prepare the oven to 425 degree Fahrenheit

  • Third, prepare the roasting pan to mix the sweet potato with olive oil and spinach leaves

  • Then, put the mixture in the oven. Wait for a while.

  • Next, put the honey and almond on the cooking

  • Finally, your roasted sweet potato with salad is ready to be served.

In conclusion, when you want to start diet, you still need to eat. The solution for you is by eating sweet potato, because sweet potato has so many benefits. Sweet potato contains good carbohydrate. Sweet potato is good for your digestive system. Sweet potato can prevent cancer. Sweet potato is good for your eyes. Furthermore, if you want to make a healthy food which are made from potato, you can read thehealthy sweet potato recipeabove.