Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes That You Should Try

Healthy slow cooker recipes are perfect solution for those of you who want to prepare healthy foods for your family using slow cooker. There are various cooking appliances that you can use to prepare your foods. One of the most common types of kitchen appliances that can be used for preparing foods for your family is slow cooker. This kitchen appliance is not only popular but also can allow you to prepare your foods in easier way. However, there are many people think that you can cook healthy foods using slow cooker. Well, in this article you can find several great recipes that you can try so that you can make healthy foods using your slow cooker.

Healthy slow cooker recipes

Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes Chicken

Roasted Chicken with Vegetables

One of the healthy foods that you can prepare using slow cooker is roasted chicken. You can serve this food with vegetables. Roasted chicken can be quite different if you prepare it using slow cooker. The chicken will be slow roasted instead. To make slow roasted chicken, you need carrot, celery ribs, red potatoes, salt, pepper, lemon, garlic, fryer chicken, dried rosemary, lemon juice, olive oil, and paprika. To prepare the chicken, you can follow instructions in healthy slow cooker recipes. First you can cook the celery, potatoes, and carrot in the slow cooker. After that, place garlic and lemon inside the chicken. Put the chicken and the vegetables in slow cooker and cook until they’re tender enough. Once the chicken and the vegetables are cooked, remove them to serving plate.

Sunday Pot Roast

Other food that you can prepare using slow cooker is Sunday pot roast. This is considered as one of the most popular healthy slow cooker recipes that you can find these days. You can make Sunday pot roast easily and you don’t need to spend too much time to prepare it. To cook Sunday pot roast, you need oregano, caraway seeds, onion salt, pepper, garlic salt, boneless pork loin, carrot, potatoes, onion, beef broth, all-purpose flour, water, and browning sauce. To prepare the loin, the first thing that you should do is mixing oregano, onion salt, garlic salt, caraway seeds, and pepper. After that, you can rub the mix over the pork loin. Once you’ve done, put the loin on refrigerator overnight. The next step is cooking the vegetables in slow cooker. Add broth and place the loin in the slow cooker. Cook until meat and vegetables are tender enough. After it’s done, place the loin and vegetables in serving plate. Serve the roast with vegetables and gravy.

Slow-Cooked Stuffed Peppers

Pepper is one of the best ingredients for foods that are made using slow cooker. There are many recipes that include peppers as their main ingredients. One of them is slow-cooked stuffed peppers. This food is not only easy to prepare but also can be prepared very quick as well. This food can be great choice of breakfast menu for your family. To make slow-cooked stuffed peppers you need red peppers, black beans, salsa, onion, frozen corn, shredded pepper jack cheese, long grain rice, chili powder, ground cumin, and sour cream. To know how to prepare these ingredients, you can see the details at healthy slow cooker recipes.