Healthy Mac and Cheese You Must Try!

Healthy mac and cheeseis a good snack which is possibly made. Mac and cheese is one of favourite foods so far. However, this food becomes the enemy for majority of people. Even though this food is mouth-watering but it offers many problems to your health. It is because this food containing high saturated foods and calories. If you are the one who crave mac cheese but you don’t want to take those unhealthy fats and calories, then you can make healthy menu by changing the composition you commonly find in traditional mac and cheese recipe. This makeover allows you to create low fat, less calorie, and high protein mac and cheese. You have to try these recipes to create delicious but healthy one.

Healthy Mac and Cheese You Must Try!

Healthy Mac and Cheese You Must Try!

Skinny Baked Broccoli Mac and Cheese

If you want to try healthier macaroni and cheese, then you should never skip skinny baked broccoli mac and cheese. While most of this food includes meat on its ingredient, then this recipe swaps it with the broccoli. There are also other healthy ingredients such as skim milk and fat free chicken broth. What make it interesting is that this food includes breadcrumbs as the tasty crispy topping. The special cheese used in this recipe is special as well since it is vegan cheddar. This mac and cheese recipe does not only pamper your taste buds but also curb your craving without make your body even bigger due to its unhealthy compositions.

Avocado Mac and Cheese

Anotherhealthy mac and cheeserecipe that you should never skip is avocado mac and cheese. Although this recipe is not specifically designed to reduce the calories intake, but it serves as the good foods containing high vitamins and nutrients your body requires. The avocado included in the recipe provides vitamin K, vitamin C, folate, and antioxidants. Besides, this pasta is pretty creamy so that it does not only perfect for mac and cheese lover but also those who go crazy with avocado. This recipe is pretty simple to make. Hence, whether you are in a rush or craving for snack, then this can be a perfect option to make. You don’t require turning on the oven. Instead, you just need to boil the macaroni and make the avocado sauce, then mix it together over the stove until it cheesy.

Greek Yoghurt Mac and Cheese

This recipe is not only easy peasy to make but also offers great probiotics and protein from the Greek yoghurt and vitamins from the spinach. Besides the Greek yoghurt and spinach, you just need to prepare whole-wheat pasta, cheddar cheese and onion as well as garlic powder. The cheese sauce even though appears to be very thick and creamy but it does not taste too strong so that people commonly enjoy it. Even though this recipe uses spinach, but it is fine for you to use your own favourite vegetables in this pasta. Whenever you need a delicious breakfast meal in during the rushing time, you had better to choose making thishealthy mac and cheese.