Benefits of Granola and Healthy Granola Bar Recipe

Do you know what is granola? Perhaps it is the first time for you to hear the name. Granola is a kind of food for breakfast made from oatmeal. The oatmeal is mixed with the honey or brown sugar. Then, the mixture is baked until it becomes crispy. Granola is often mixed with nuts of dried fruits. It is one of the healthy foods that you can choose to eat. Nowadays, we can also find granola bar. What is granola bar? Granola bar is similar with the granola, but it is formed into a bar. Granola bar is one of the well-known snack right now. Most of people really likes to eat granola bar because it is easy to be carried, delicious, and healthy. Granola also has so many benefits. You can also make healthy granola by yourself. Before you make granola, it is better for you to readhealthy granola bar recipe.

healthy granola bar recipe

Benefits of Granola and Healthy Granola Bar Recipe

Benefits of Granola

Granola is a healthy snack which has so many benefits. Here are some benefits of granola:

  1. Granola contains so many nutritions

The most important nutrition in the granola is the fiber. Fiber is very useful for human’s body. It will help the human’s digestive system in digesting the food that enters human’s body. The other nutritions in the granola are mineral and vitamins. Vitamins and minerals are important to protect the body.

  1. Granola can reduce your weight

Granola has low cholesterol and sodium. It makes the people who eat granola do not easily get fat. For the people who want to start diet, they can eat granola to maintain their weight.

  1. Granola can reduce cholesterol

Granola is able to reduce the harmful cholesterol in your body. They will help reducing the cholesterol in the blood vessels. It increases the level of good cholesterol and decreases the level of bad cholesterol.

  1. Granola can boost your energy

Although granula is suitable for people who are doing diet, granula still contains carbohydrate. Carbohydrate is very useful to give you energy. Energy is very useful to make you able to do many activities.

Healthy Granola Bar Recipe: Granola Bar with Cranberry

Since granola becomes the popular snack, people want to make various food from granola. If you really like to eat granola, you can try to make a food from granola by yourself. Here is thehealthy granola bar recipe.


  • Oatmeals

  • Honey

  • Cranberries

  • Salt

  • Brown Sugar

  • Water

How to make:

  • First, you need to prepare all of the ingredients.

  • Then, you need to heat the oven

  • After that, pour the oatmeal in the pan and bake in the oven. Wait for several minutes

  • Then, wait until the oatmeal cold

  • Next, pour the honey, cranberries, salt, brown sugar and water to the oatmeal bowl

  • Then, stir the mixture

  • After that, bake the mixture in the oven

  • Finally, your Granola Bar with Cranberry is ready to be served.

In conclusion, granola bar is one of the healthy snack that you can eat. Granola has so many benefits. You do not need to be worry if you want to eat granola bar. If you want to make healthy granola bar by yourself, you can readhealthy granola bar recipe.